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Blockchain Law Group is a leading group of legal practices with presence in multiple countries, which provide services in the rapidly changing field of blockchain technology, issuance of product and security tokens, and handling cryptocurrency matters. Our attorneys have an extensive experience and top expertise assisting clients with the U.S. and international legal compliance. Our clients range from the newly formed startups to established companies, individual investors to institutional investment funds, and market participants to market makers. Behind every successful business, there is a team of great professionals, including lawyers.



Blockchain Legal Aspects:

Consulting on legal aspects of implementing a Blockchain technology in business operations. Selection of the jurisdiction. Licenses and Permits. Compliance with the law.

Issuance of Tokens:

Audit of the token legal structure, application of the Howey Test, Family Resemblance Test, and Risk Capital Test to the token. Audit of the White Paper and other public materials for compliance with the U.S. securities law. Drafting legal documents required for the sale of tokens.

Legal Opinion Letter:

Drafting a legal opinion letter regarding an ICO’s and token’s compliance with the U.S. securities law based on a review of the token model and ICO related documents.

Escrow Services

Providing escrow services for cryptocurrencies and fiat in blockchain related transactions. Acting as one of the signors for multi-sig digital wallets.

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When can your token be used:

Why do your token holders need to buy more tokens:

What benefit do your tokens provide:

What is the primary focus of your marketing campaign:

Do you provide a share of the ownership of your company to the tokenholders:

Do you provide a share of profit or assets of the company to the tokenholders:


Summarize all points and calculate a possible number of years in jail you may face if you sell your tokens to the U.S. residents without appropriate registration with the State authorities and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) or compliance with the Regulations governing specific exemptions*.




Katrina Arden

USA, Russia

A founder of Blockchain Law Group, Katrina Arden is a licensed attorney in the United States and in the Russian Federation. She has been practicing law successfully for over 10 years. She has extensive experience handling various domestic and international issues, including tax compliance and securities regulations, structuring international transactions and working on the multimillion-dollar lawsuits involving securities fraud. Katrina is an author of a number of professional publications. In addition to her legal education, she has an MBA with an emphasis in Financial Management, which allows her to provide complex advice to the clients. Since 2016, Katrina has been involved in the Blockchain community and consulted multiple companies on token sale projects.

Frank Grant


Attorney Frank Grant has been practicing law for over 20 years and was most recently a Partner with Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, a leading law firm, which has more than 130 attorneys in 10 offices across California, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington. Prior to that, Frank was Senior Counsel with Perkins Coie LLP, which has more than 1,000 lawyers in 19 offices across the U. S. and Asia and provides a full array of securities and tax law, corporate law, commercial litigation and intellectual property legal services to a broad range of clients. From 2011 to 2015, Frank led the Blockchain Technology and Digital Currency Practice for Perkins Coie LLC in Los Angeles. Since 2015, Frank has been consulting tech start-ups on matters involving raising capital and attracting financing.


Alexey Miller


Aleksey Miller is an attorney in the Russian Federation focusing on tax and securities law. His expertise is in structuring investment deals (investment and project loans, direct investments, mixed financing deals). He has successful experience in negotiating investment agreements with consideration of the banking, trade and corporate regulations. Aleksey worked on development of legal structuring of the deals involving capital and provided detailed analysis of transactions from the legal risks prospective. His extensive experience in working with attorneys from various jurisdictions allowed him to learn intricacies of the foreign laws and regulations. He has been advising and working with the technology companies, including Blockchain-based startups, since 2013.

Irina Heaver

Australia, UAE

With over 15 years of experience, attorney Irina Heaver specializes in the broad spectrum of commercial and corporate work including the emerging technology. She advises on regulatory framework, intellectual property rights, funding matters as well as general matters relating to contractual arrangements. Irina regularly represents Blockchain and AI enterprises, RegTech and FinTech startups, IT infrastructure and cloud services, software and tech development companies, e-commerce and online marketplaces of various sizes starting from the concept stage and those that are already established market leaders across Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region. Irina currently advises multiple blockchain and crypto enterprises located or operating in the MENA Region.


*Does not represent the actual number of years in jail. Each offering is very fact-specific. Additional circumstances would have to be examined to determine a possibility for criminal penalties. The test is provided solely to illustrate that when tokens have the elements of securities, their offerings must be registered with the respective authorities or comply with the Regulations covering specific exemptions. Sale of unregistered securities may constitute a crime with multiple years of imprisonment, under certain circumstances.