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Blockchain Law Group is a network of multinational attorneys practicing law in different countries. Depending on the clients’ needs we can connect them with the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys from various jurisdictions. Working with the trusted legal advisers allows companies to avoid many mistakes and to comply with the legal requirements of the countries, where clients intend to operate their businesses.

Katrina Arden, a founder of Blockchain Law Group, is an attorney licensed in California, Puerto Rico and the Russian Federation. She has successfully provided corporate and individual clients with legal services for nearly 15 years. She has a JD and an MBA in Financial Management, which allows her to understand complex business matters. Being fluent in Russian, she began her legal career in international tax and immigration law, helping individuals and companies to establish U.S. presence in compliance with the U.S. law.

In addition, she has practiced securities law with a team of other attorneys working on cases involving securities fraud in connection with the Reg D offering. Court proceedings and work with regulators resulted in favorable outcomes for clients.

Ms. Arden utilized this knowledge when she began working in the blockchain field in 2016. She advised dozens of companies on the application of the U.S. securities law to the sale of tokens. Ms. Arden founded the Blockchain Law Group, a network of blockchain attorneys in various jurisdictions to provide international clients with access to relevant legal professionals globally. Ms. Arden has authored legal articles, spoke at conferences, and worked with regulators on legal framework for blockchain technology.

She consults blockchain startups and other companies on application of the U.S. law to their operations. Ms. Arden’s diversified experience allows her to provide expert advice, which considers various aspects of doing business in the U.S.